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Lilia and Joel

Sundays, 1:00 PM, EDT

This week on Environmental Conversations, Lilia and Joel are joined by researchers and industry professionals to discuss the work being done to monitor COVID-19 in wastewater to prevent current and future outbreaks.

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Dr. Lilia Abron is 2021 president of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists. She is also the president, CEO, and founder of PEER Consultants, PC, an environmental engineering firm with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

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Dr. Joel Ducoste is 2020/2021 president
of the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors.
He is also a professor in the Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department and Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Advancement at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

About The Hosts!

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Environmental Conversations with Lilia and Joel is a weekly video show and podcast to energize the future of engineers and scientists. Hosting our conversations are Dr. Lilia Abron and Dr. Joel Ducoste. The show is produced by Susan Valenti of CorlissNet, LLC, and edited and directed by Bob Krell
of IAQNET, LLC/ Healthy Indoors magazine. Industry professionals, researchers, and teachers/professors are invited to join the show. Email us at

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