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Episode 1, “What’s Your Story”

This week, Lilia and Joel share how they got their start in environmental engineering profession and scientific research. Plus, discover why neither host became a medical doctor.

Release date January 10, 2021.

Episode 2, “We are on the Front Lines”

This week, Lilia and Joel share some details about AEESP’s Conference in July at Washington University in St. Louis. Plus, how environmental engineers and scientists are on the front lines of disease defense.

Release date January 17, 2021.

Episode 3, “AAEES and AEESP”

This week, Lilia and Joel share what their organizations do and why it’s important engineers and scientists work together. Plus, what does it mean to be board certified?

Release date January 24, 2021.

Episode 4, “Engineering Pathways”

This week, Lilia and Joel share the paths students can take to field and trade careers in engineering. Plus, why does Joel like the phrase, “That could be me”?

Release date January 31, 2021.

Episode 5, "Being a J.E.D.I."

This week, Lilia and Joel share how Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion play such an important role in engineering and science. Plus, can you guess Joel's favorite movie series of all time?

Release date February 7, 2021.

Episode 6, “Women and Water”

This week, Lilia and Joel celebrate International Women in Science Day by sharing how women are an untapped resource in the water and wastewater fields. Plus, why separating girls and boys in science class may be worth it!

Release date February 14, 2021.

Episode 7, "COVID and Wastewater"

This week, Lilia and Joel speak with researchers and professionals on monitoring COVID in wastewater. Plus, why now's the time to start recruiting young people into environmental engineering and science positions!

Release date February 21, 2021.

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